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Chimney sweep

Enjoy a nice fire during those Michigan cold and chilly winter evening even more, with the assurance that your chimney is performing top notch. For professional chimney maintenance in Holland, MI trust in Advanced Chimney Sweep Service to do the job right - the first time!

chimney repair
Chimney Repair

Chimneys are responsible for safely eliminating dangerous gases and smoke from a house. Damaged chimneys may cause carbon monoxide poisoning, house fires and smoky fireplaces, among other issues. Because of this, any chimney issue you need repaired is best left to the professionals. 

We offer chimney relining’s, damper repairs, chimney waterproofing’s, chimney crown repair or replacement, flashing repairs or replacement, firebox repair or rebuilds and cricket installations along with other major or minor repairs.

Chimney Pots

Leaving your house exposed to animals and other elements is not safe. Which is exactly what can happen when your chimney does not wear a cap. For chimney cap installation in Zeeland, MI area from the experts, count on Advanced Chimney Sweep Service to be there when you need them. 

Chimney covers

A chimney cap/cover is very important in a chimney system, it can prevent animals such as birds from entering, and can also help prevent sparks from igniting the roof. A well designed chimney cover is one of the inexpensive ways to protect your home, from numerous threats.


If you do not have one installed in your home yet, these are a few reasons to consider doing so right away:

  • Water Damage Prevention 

  • Debris Build up is Minimized

  • Sparks and Embers are Prevented 

  • Downdrafts Will be Blocked

  • Animals can’t get in

Chimney flue liners

While cleaning a furnace flue we make sure the connector pipes of your furnace and/or hot water heater are in good working condition, and are connected properly.

When we are out on a job, our technicians perform a safety check as part of our routine service. If we find anything that could be potentially dangerous, we bring this to your attention and make specific recommendations on how to correct these issues. 

fireplace damper

A damper is a type of plate installed inside the chimney. This plate can be opened or closed, because it regulates and blocks the flow of air.


Having a high-quality damper is one of the best things you can do in order to increase the lifecycle of your chimney. Chimney dampers very useful and handy. We believe that every single chimney flue should have a damper installed. Contact us today to learn more. 

water proo
water proofing

If you are searching for a high quality solution near Grand Rapids, MI and something that will protect your chimney from water damage for years to come, Advanced Chimney Sweep has exactly what you are looking for. 

Contact us today to speak to professionals about how to care for and maintain your chimney.  We guarantee to send our best experts to evaluate the situation and provide solutions that will keep the water and moisture out, your chimney running at optimum levels and your home protected for our customer in Holland, MI and surrounding areas.

firebox repair

The interior firebox of your chimney and venting system is subject to damage and deteriorate over time. Although the construction of your chimney’s firebox is built using firebrick and high temperature refractory mortar, years of use and extended subjection to high temperatures during burning can cause cracks or damage to bricks and mortar. 


If your fireplace is a pre-fabricated metal fireplace, the interior panels of your firebox will eventually need repair or replacement. Cracks and decay of the refractory panels of your pre-fabricated fireplace can subject interior wall and floor framing to combustible temperatures, possibly causing a home fire. 


Our qualified chimney technicians can repair, replace or rebuild your old or worn firebox allowing for years of continued use.

chimney relining repair

Also known as fireplace liners, flue liners, chimney flues, or flexible chimney liners.  Chimney liners are the passageway in the fireplace or furnace flue through which gases (carbon monoxide) and smoke travel in order to escape your home safely.

Chimney liners perform three different function:

  • Protects home from Heat Transfer

  • Protects the Masonry from Corrosive Byproducts

  • Provides correctly Sized Flue


For whatever chimney service you need, we will send out a technician to fully appraise the situation. Get a free estimate today. 

full fireplace
full fireplace restoration

How long has it been since you received top notch chimney services? Have you started to notice damage along your masonry chimney? Are cracks, crumbling mortar, and deteriorating brick compromising your system? Yes, we see it all the time here in West Michigan. 

If so, allow us help you. Our team of chimney professionals specialize in masonry repairs, rebuilds, and restorations. From top to bottom, we’ll make sure your chimney is beautiful, structurally sound, and ready to serve you and your family for years.

brick repair

For the most part, water-damaged brick simply can’t be restored and instead will need to be replaced. In these situations, it is vital that the new brick match the existing brick in both color and composition, or you could end up with an unattractive and unsafe chimney. 

At Advanced Chimney Sweep, we take great care to provide expert brick replacement that does not compromise your chimney’s integrity or attractiveness.

gas logs
gas logs

Whether you are upgrading your old fireplace or need to install gas logs in your new home, you should always hire a certified chimney service provider to handle the installation. 


Our chimney specialists are trained to know the proper techniques, and we have all the right tools for the job, whether is an insert for an existing masonry chimney or a factory–built unit. 


We also know the right type of flue liner to install with your new gas logs, and will inspect your entire chimney system before the installation to make sure you have the right type of liner and chimney size.

gas inserts
gas inserts

If you are looking to update the look of your old fireplace, a gas insert may be a great choice. Providing increased heating efficiency with a variety of styles to compliment your home, modern gas fireplaces offer the look of wood burning fireplace with the simplicity of remote controlled operation and no mess!


If you wish to maintain the safety and effectiveness of your chimney, it is very important to clean it on a regular basis. Failure to do so can be harmful to your health, largely because of the ‘creosote’ which is the result of burning wood that accumulates in the flue, resulting to unpleasant odors, damages, and even chimney fires. This is why we recommend getting your chimney inspected and cleaned at least every 35 fires.


These are some recommendations of when a chimney inspection should be considered:


  • Before each heating season.

  • Before installing a new, fuel burning appliance such as, hot water heater and furnace.

  • Before buying a new home.

  • If there’s stain on the outside or inside of the home, especially near the chimney.

  • After roof replacement.

Masonry & Tuckpointing

Tuck-pointing is the procedure of replacing the mortar between the masonry in your fireplace and chimney to fix any bad mortar joints. To do this, we will grind out the old damaged mortar and replace it with new mortar.


We do an assortment of masonry fireplace work. We provide chimney rebuilds, firebox rebuilds, installation of brick, rock, tile and marble facings. Contact us to learn more. 

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